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Recent travel » Japan - An unbelievable day in Moiwa

James and I jumped on the free Moiwa bus at 8am keen to check out another resort. We had heard it was very small in comparison but also normally really quiet with barely any lift lines and as a result the snow staying fresh for longer throughout the day.

We got extremely lucky with the weather and snowfall and to our surprise it had dumped snow overnight and continued to snow heavily all morning.

This was the type of snow that had brought me back to Japan for the third time yet even so we were still amazed at the quality and depth. We were lucky enough to score waist to at times chest deep powder snow all day from 8am to 4pm. Even on our last run of the day we were still getting fresh lines through the small resort. I’m glad I managed to capture the whole day on video and it will definitely be a day both James and I are talking about for years to come.

When your face was not full of powder from the top of the mountain to the bottom it was smiling from ear to ear. And now of course the video!

Me at Moiwa, their slogan definitely rings true

Me at Moiwa, their slogan definitely rings true